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A Safer Way to Measure Voltage

The first goal of any electrician or technician who works around live voltage is to get home safe. Fluke’s commitment to quality ensures your Fluke tools meet the highest standards of safety.

Traditionally voltage has been measured by attaching test lead probes or alligator clips directly to electrical conductors, which requires metal-to-metal contact that brings with it the risk of arc flashes and potential harm to both the person doing the measuring and the equipment being measured. Fluke FieldSense™ technology offers a safer way to measure voltage by isolating the measurement tool from the voltage source under test, reducing the risk of electrical shock and arc flash. Through the principle of galvanic isolation, FieldSense™ allows electricians and technicians to measure voltage without exposing themselves to contact points with live voltage. Instead, FieldSense™ enabled test tools such as the Fluke FieldSense™ 377 FC and 378 FC Clamp Meters, sense the electrical field in the open fork/clamp and measure the voltage through the cable insulation.

Commercial and light industrial electricians can use FieldSense™ based devices for voltage and current measurements, verifying continuity values, and testing individual circuits. 

Why FieldSense™ in a clamp meter? 
FieldSense is an award-winning, breakthrough technology in how voltage is measured. While regular clamps detect a magnetic field to derive an AC current measurement, FieldSense also detects an electrical field to measure voltage simultaneously. The result is that for the first time in a Fluke clamp meter, voltage and current can be measured at the same time using a clamp jaw, providing:

  • The ability to take current and voltage measurements at the same time with dual display
  • Safer voltage measurements without having to connect the clamp meter to a live conductor
  • Rapid 3 phase measurements with auto calculation of phase-to-phase values and phase rotation
  • A built in Power Quality (PQ) indicator in the 378 FC to monitor power related issues
  • Fluke Connect software to enable data logging, seamless data transfer and reporting