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Asset Life Extension – ALE

As our electrical network infrastructure continues to age, utilities are increasingly facing a standing wave of maintenance work and asset replacement expenditure.

At TEN, we have been working for several years on addressing some of the larger, and very common asset management issues that our industry faces.

The phrase “doing more with less” gets bantered around, and the default position is to think lower cost products spread the budget further. But the old adage is true, “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after low pricing is forgotten”. At TEN we focus on delivering quality tools and equipment that provide superior lifetime value through lower ongoing maintenance costs, improved productivity and quality outcomes, and product durability and longevity. With over 20 years’ experience in supplying tooling and equipment to this industry, it’s our alignment to what is fit for purpose and delivering this lifetime value that keeps our customers coming back to TEN. 

With a truly national supply picture and daily conversations happening at the coal face, we are close to the work practice and asset management challenges facing our industry. It’s not just our Australia wide experience that our customers benefit from, but our network of international suppliers that are meeting the needs of a global industry experiencing many of the same changes we see here in Australia. It is these international connections and networks that have allowed TEN to introduce a number of key product lines to Australia.

Genics Fire Mesh™


The unprecedented scale of bushfires in recent fire seasons across Australia, has highlighted the need for proactive wood pole life management in fire prone areas. Ultimately, preservation is key. Maintaining a functioning network amid a natural disaster is critical. Genics Inc sought to develop a pole protection product that was easy to apply, required no ongoing maintenance, would not contribute to pole degradation over its life, and that provided superior fire mitigation performance. Genics Inc worked closely with many utilities and research facilities to bring Fire Mesh™ to the market. The Fire Mesh™ is a barrier designed to protect structures from wood burning and scorching. It is vital for a wood pole to achieve equilibrium and homeostasis with the climatic conditions associated with its placement, therefore, the best product solution is one that promotes air exchange and allows the pole to breathe. The Fire Mesh™ is designed with an open grid that allows visibility of the timber behind it, and most importantly, allows the pole to breathe. Combining state of the art polymers with innovative fire-resistant compounds, Genics Inc was able to create a very durable and high performing intumescent grid that has achieved excellent fire resistance in many standardised tests and controlled burns. There is also a favourable environmental and safety profile, the product is animal safe, there is no leaching of chemicals, and it is safe to handle.

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