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Asset Management Challenges

Utility grids face a host of asset management challenges as a result of the environment in which they operate. The question is always how we can mitigate the impact of these environmental conditions or events, be they planned or unplanned. 

Themes arise from these issues including Network Resilience, System Hardening and Asset Life Extension. All have a particular narrative and commonality among utilities, and all are intertwined in the operation of a utility system. 

TEN continues to lead and innovate this space working with global manufacturers on technologies that allow utilities to integrate these proven systems and solutions into their asset management framework. These products can be broadly considered as:

  1. System Hardening – Polywater duct sealants, Hubbell wildlife protection, Genics wood preservative and fire barriers
  2. Network Resilience – Polywater lubricants, La Granja Insulators and Tykoflex OPGW Enclosures
  3. Asset Life Extension – Leak repair for oil filled and SF6 Equipment, Induron corrosion protection and Clampstar connector correctors
Genics FireMesh

With a truly national supply picture and daily conversation happening at the coal face, we are close to the work practice and asset management challenges facing our industry. It’s not just our Australia wide experience that our customers benefit from, it’s our network of international suppliers that are meeting the needs of a global industry experiencing many of the same challenges we see here in Australia. It is these international connections and networks that have allowed TEN to introduce several key product lines to Australia.

System Hardening

Polywater Duct Sealant

The sealing of ducts against water ingress, gas and rodents can assist with the reduction of unplanned outages and ensure networks can continue to function especially in times of disasters like cyclones and abnormal rain events. The closed cell foam technology used by Polywater for this product provides 8m of water head pressure constantly and 21m intermittently, ensuring your critical infrastructure remains protected. Two-part foam base is mixed in equal parts as it is pushed through a mixing nozzle. When mixed and injected, the foam expands as part of an anaerobic chemical reaction and hardens, keeping water, acids, greases, gases, insects, and rodents out of the conduit. The foam has good wetting and adhesion to metals, plastics, and concrete. The foam is an excellent choice for all types of conduit seals with single or multiple cable entries as the sealant can work into gaps where other types of seals cannot. Coming in ready made kits this product requires very few tools to assist with the installation.

Hubbell Wildlife Protection

Wildlife outages are unfortunately a regular occurrence whether out on a distribution line or inside a substation. Hubbell’s product lines, Reliaguard and GreenJacket, provided an excellent mitigating solution to the coverup challenge. GreenJacket has been protecting substation infrastructure for over 20 years. This one-of-a-kind, bespoke fit product is designed specifically to the substation ensuring that all the construction nuances are catered for in a complete cover up solution. Each Substation is measured to size and then molds are created for the bespoke fit, ensuring that all exposed parts are protected. Reliaguard was designed to be a true protective cover for the distribution line. Boasting the Reliatanium no-drip burn technology, this cover solution has been tested extensively to the IEEE1656 guidelines ensuring the cover up material will not burn or drip and start fires in bush fire prone areas. Designed to cover all types of fittings, insulators, pole top transformers and switchgear, lightning arrestors and as a deterrent for perching birds, Reliaguard has a solution for your distribution poles and hardware. 

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