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Continuous, Real Time Condition Monitoring of ALL Substation Assets

Multi-function condition based monitoring software of substation assets. Through a combination of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), smart sensors, fully secure communication, open protocols, and ‘intelligent’ head end user friendly software, maintenance operators can view trending and actual data for informed decision making.

SmartSUB is a condition based monitoring system of substation assets, through combination of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), smart sensors, fully secure comms / open protocols and ‘intelligent’ head end user friendly software.


  • Real time monitoring functions include:
  • Partial discharge in transformers, GIS, bushings, CTs and cables
  • Temperature, pressure, flow and liquid levels of oil in transformers
  • Moisture levels, dissolved gas analysis, cooling performance, load tap control, fault location and loadings on transformers
  • Breaker, bushings, batteries, MV panels, capacitor bank, surge arrestor, reactor and protection system condition monitoring
  • SF6 gas density, cable temperatures and much more…

Smartsub substation condition monitoring

Continuous, real time condition monitoring of ALL substation assets

  • Online monitoring of substation assets providing real time information on both the current condition as well as historic trends
  • Asset condition monitoring can include transformers, GIS / breakers, load tap changers, cables, batteries, bushings, CTs, protection relays, reactors, etc
  • A complete one-stop shop solution for substation condition monitoring

Fully modular, flexible and secure system

  • Sensor technologies and monitoring parameters can include all / any of the following:- partial discharge, oil temperature, oil pressure, vibration, oil levels and flow, moisture levels, SF6 gas density, dissolved gas analysis, analogs and switches, cooling, arc location, timings, etc
  • Flexibility to monitor a mixture of currently installed and new / retrofitable IEDs and sensors 
  • Best in class approach by integrating QUALITROL / 3rd party IEDs and sensors
  • Customise a solution to suit the overall utility needs or combine high specs in critical substations with medium specs elsewhere
  • lOpen protocols (for full interoperability) including IEC 61850, IEC 60870, DNP 3.0 and Modbus, together with shared real time comms – offering full scalability
  • High level cyber security (in line with NERC CIP security standards)

Achieve greater grid reliability

  • Prioritise maintenance on assets showing trends towards near term failure – catch it early!
  • Fewer outages achieved through ability to reduce asset failures and their resulting unexpected trips, as consequence of monitoring condition and trends in real time
  • Improve SAIDI / CML through reduction in outages
  • Optimise asset utilisation and monitor effect on changing loads in real time