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Electric Cylinders in High Demand

Best known for their flexibility, ease of use and precision, it is easy to see why electric cylinders are so in demand.

Speaking to the high demand locally, Shyam Suresh Branch Manager in Auckland for SMC Corporation New Zealand says: “More and more, we are seeing a demand by OEM’s and end users for increased flexibility.”

“Clients are looking for solutions that fit the demand of a wider range of products and product variations. Flexibility means they need to cater for more applications and types of products. These have a greater need for electric cylinders” he adds.

Why electric cylinders?

According to Shyam, pick and place and materials handling applications (particularly sought after by the packaging industry), look to electric cylinders to get the job done. “Electric cylinders are used whenever there is a need for accurate and repetitive operations. The packaging, food processing, beverage filling and fruit sorting packhouses make use of electric cylinders.”

Electric vs pneumatic cylinders

“If you’re looking to upgrade existing machinery as a more flexible, accurate and scalable long-term solution, then electric cylinders could be for you.”

Adding to this, “pneumatic cylinders are economical to deploy. Invest in energy saving practices to reduce and monitor air leakages. It’s important that you consult with a sales engineer to determine what’s best for your application” he concludes.

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