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Embrace the IIoT for a Smarter Future

Industries are adopting the IIoT to interconnect production equipment, machines, and applications across OT and IT networks. By leveraging powerful cloud services and edge computing solutions, IIoT applications can transform large volumes of collected data into actionable intelligence that can drive optimisation and predictive maintenance in smart industries, cities, and utilities.

To accelerate your IIoT application development, Moxa provides the ThingsPro® Software, which simplifies your edge-to-cloud data communication. With the option to integrate with on-premise SCADA and popular PaaS and SaaS cloud services for flexible development. Moxa’s ThingsPro® Software provides a cloud-ready gateway solution for easy and secure connectivity between edge and cloud, ensuring transparent data exchange between OT and IT systems. In addition, you can leverage modern RESTful APIs to transform data to actionable insights for smart diagnostics and communication between heterogeneous systems.

Cloud Connectivity Made Simply 

Moxa’s cloud-ready IIoT edge gateway family consists of industrial computers that are optimised for edge computing applications in the manufacturing, oil and gas, and transportation sectors. The supplementary IIoT software, ThingsPro®, simplifies the connection of edge data to the cloud. It provides multiple connectivity options, including Modbus and generic MQTT/HTTPS protocols, and comes with built-in clients to connect to AWS and Azure cloud services.

Application Case 1

Application Case 1: Hybrid IIoT for Increased Productivity and Reduced Downtime

Manufacturers have found that using edge computers can help reduce the loading on cloud resources, simplify data processing, and improve overall device efficiency (OEE) using preventive maintenance. With powerful data analytics available as cloud services, companies only need to deploy Moxa’s gateway computers and system sensors to measure and predict equipment conditions and thereby reduced downtime.

System requirements can consist of collecting raw data from sensors and sending to the local SCADA for operational purposes, collecting system data of equipment status and transferring to public cloud platforms for asset condition monitoring and analytics, and quick data filtering to save transmission and processing cost on cloud services.

ThingsPro® Gateway software on Moxa’s MC-1100 computers provide configurable Modbus templates and RESTful APIs to simplify data collection and utilisation. With built-in SDK to develop programs for easy adoption of public cloud platforms, data-logger utility for Modbus-to-MQTT conversion, and built-in Tag Selector to easily select and upload specific tags to cloud platforms.

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