Energy Generation

The first issue of Energy Generation (EG) was published in July 2009. Today, Energy Generation is published within our Transmission & Distribution (T&D) magazine.


The Use and Application of products and services across all forms of energy generation: Solar, Wind, Hydro, Steam, Nuclear, Gas and Coal driven, together with associated equipment and services.


Energy Generation will be designed to provide valuable information to power plant operators on plant performance/operating issues and their resolution as well as new innovations that may have a place in their work place. Energy Generation will provide its readers with quality, thought provoking content and the opportunity for sharing of practical solutions to problems faced everyday by workers in the industry.


Energy Generation will publish practical, informative and highly valuable articles written by qualified professionals. Advertisers may nominate Feature or General placement to suit their marketing strategy. At the Editor’s discretion, new features will evolve iin response to market influences. As with other APT magazines Energy Generation will publish advertiser supplied advertorial but will NOT seek to publish media releases and ‘fillers’.


To submit advertorial is an option for the advertiser. We recommend it as the intelligent aside to corporate branding and image advertising i.e. a technical article or case study that expands in detail on the product/service being advertised. Editor approved, information-based advertorial will be published free-of-charge either next to your advert, or separate to the advert as is required.
Half page ad400 word + 1 pic advertorialPublished as an A4 page
Full page ad700 word + 2 pics advertorialPublished as a Double Page Spread
This offer is subject to placement of advertorial within the same issue as the advertisement and is not transferable to another issue.


Our Production Art Studio will produce your advertisement at no charge if required. Advertorial is published to comply with specific EG layout principles. Costs apply for a copy of artwork files. P.O.A.


  • Renewable Energy
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Climate Change
  • Underground Coal Gasification
  • Gas Technologies
  • Carbon Storage
  • Coal-to-Liquid
  • Current Power Technologies
  • New Power Technologies
  • Emission Trading Scheme
  • Industry Initiatives
  • Mini-Hydro Technologies
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Safety in the Industry
  • Product Directory – listing products & services
  • Protection & Control
  • Training & Education
  • Automation
  • Condition Monitoring
T&D is published bi-monthly (i.e. six issues per year) in a Burstbound A4 format. For publishing and deadline dates: