March 23, 2016 – March 24, 2016 all-day
Novotel Perth Langley
221 Adelaide Terrace
Perth WA 6000

The quantity of dangerous goods being stored, handled and transported across the country continues to increase as economic activity in Western Australia remains strong, particularly in the mining and resources sector. With increased activity comes increased safety risk and more dangerous goods accidents. Topics include:

Radioactive Material – Past, Present and Future
Fire in the Hold – Lithium Batteries on Aircraft
How do I transport Radioactive Substances in THAT State/Territory?
Determining the Hazard Level of your Pressure Equipment
Dangerous Goods Container Packing for Transport by Sea – A Case Study
How to do a good risk assessment
The Global Harmonisation System (GHS) – Are You Ready?
Placarding Pitfalls Under WHS
Over the Horizon – What Changes can be Expected in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air?
A Case Study: Hazardous Area Considerations for Diesel Storage in a Hot Climate
Radioactive Material Storage, Use, Transport and Disposal in WA
The ABC of Dangerous Goods – the more things change, the more they stay the same
Practical Cases of Dealing with Class 7 Dangerous Goods
Dangerous Goods – A Consultants Perspective
Use of Bromide Gas Insecticide for Pest Control Purposes – WA Case Study
Dangerous Goods Road Transport, Incidents & Risks
Sizing and Selecting Pressure Relief Valves

The aim of this conference is to examine the variety of dangerous goods incidents that occur locally and nationwide every year and to provide practices and strategies to prevent accidents and reduce the overall number of incidents. A strong focus on regulatory reforms, legislation and compliance will feature throughout this event as safety is paramount when dealing with hazardous substances and dangerous goods.

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