POWER 2020

November 1, 2015 – November 2, 2015 all-day

Australia’s Premier Event for Disruptive Innovation in the Power Industry

Energy Storage / Distributed Power Generation / Business Model Disruption & Evolution / Digital Transformation / Customer Experience

Australia’s electricity industry is about to undergo a massive transformation. With energy storage technology advancing and the prospect of distributed power generation & storage on the horizon, Australia will soon be hit with a tidal wave of disruptions to the Power Industry. This event will focus on how energy market participants can embrace the disruption caused by increasing energy storage technology and distributed power generation, create a strategy for self-disruption in an environment that supports and enables innovation, whilst identifying and mitigating the risks. More than ever, people want, smarter, safer, and more efficient tools to live a more self-directed life. Companies that fail to deliver will find that their days are numbered.

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POWER 2020
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