August 8, 2017 – August 9, 2017 all-day
Powerlink Queensland - Brisbane 8/8/2017 & Budin Philipp Partners - Sydney 9/8/2017
33 Harold St
Virginia QLD 4014
A $720.00 +GST
Len Robson

Doble Engineering Company is proud to bring our one day seminar to Australia on “Transformer Condition Assessment Using Laboratory Diagnostics”.
Powerlink Queensland
33 Harold Street, Virginia Qld 4014
Sydney: Budin Philipp Partners Unit 3/2 Production Road, Taren Point, NSW 2229

Transformer Condition Assessment Using Laboratory Diagnostics
Date Tuesday 8th (Brisbane) & Wednesday 9th (Sydney) August 2017

Transformer Condition Assessment Using Laboratory Diagnostics by David Koehler
Doble Engineering Company

This one-day session provides participants with a thorough understanding of how to assess the condition of electrical insulating materials and transformers.

Dissolved gas-in-oil analysis This is the single most important diagnostic test for transformers. This Chapter reviews how the test is performed, how to distinguish between normal gassing behavior and problems, and how to evaluate trends. Practical case studies and examples are used to illustrate theoretical concepts. Seminar participants will be quizzed (with class participation) on their under-standing in diagnosing 12 cases.

Water in Transformer Oil Assessing how dry a transformer is requiring more than a water in oil test.  Learn how to assess the wetness of the transformer insulation system and why you need to know the  operating temperature at the time of sampling. This session discusses water migration in transformerand how water affects the ability to overload them. Examples are provided.

Condition assessment of cellulosic insulation The analysis of the condition of the paper insulation has changed quite a bit in the past 10 years. Learn how the solid insulation ages and how to assess the condition of the paper and pressboard insulation and its remaining life. Case studies are given to illustrate the distribution of paper aging in transformers and how operation and maintenance can  influence it.

Metals in oil This presentation provides an understanding of the importance of metal-in-oil tests as adiagnostic. To be able to use the information, the correct test must be specified – learn the difference between dissolved and particulate metals and when to choose each test. Case studies are given.

Quality of new and service aged oils Background information is provided on the properties of transformer oil. The presentation includes how to specify and evaluate new oils, what tests to perfomand how to evaluate in-service oils.

Aging characteristics of insulating materials – Aging is discussed in sections on oil and paper which provides information on how to increase the life of transformers. There are many factors that accelerate the aging of the insulation system that can be controlled. This session provides information on when to reclaim or replace oil and gives specifications for reclaimed oil.

Load tap changer and oil circuit breaker diagnostics This presentation gives the latest information on diagnostics for load tap changers (LTCs) and bulk oil breakers. Case studies are provided.

Sampling The presentation discusses how to save money on your sampling program through proper training and what common pitfalls to avoid. Proper sampling preparation, practices, and equipment are given.

The charges for the one day seminar are A$ 720.00 +GST per person and includes training material, breakfast, morning tea break, Lunch and afternoon tea break.

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