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Evolution of the Distribution Kiosk to a Power Kiosk

The Kiosk Substation is a staple in today’s landscape of electrical turnkey solutions provided to the mining and heavy industry sector. This is due to their flexibility, adaptability and low infrastructure costs compared to more traditional substation designs.

Depending on your sector of industry or mining involvement, Kiosk Substations generally fall into two (2) categories. 

(TYPE A) – The first type of Kiosk, is your typical Supply Authority or Distribution Kiosk assembly designed for cost effective “step-up or step-down” MV-LV distribution applications. These are similar physically, to the road side Kiosk that we have all seen. Typically they entail a fixed pattern 33kV – 22kV -11kV ring main unit (RMU) switchgear MV section (Cable in – Cable out – Tx Feeder) coupled to a 100kVA – 2.0MVA Dyn1 or Dyn11 Transformer with a basic 415V distribution section allowing for singular or multiple distributed circuits. The MV section switchgear typically would provide a fault and IAC rating of 16-20kA/1s. The KIOSK structural base would typically incorporate 110% oil bunding and structurally certified lift points. Generally, this type of Kiosk has in ground cable conduit entries with IAC venting downward into a cable culvert. An example of TYPE A Kiosks can be seen in the below three photos.

Type A - Low Voltage Section, Medium Voltage Section, Transformer Section

(TYPE B) – The second type of Kiosk, are best described as custom designed, application Power Kiosks. These offer a full turnkey substations solution for Mining and Heavy Industry Clients. Often a site infrastructure project benefits from a POWINS Power Kiosk as it can often replace a more costly, traditional transportable switchroom substation. Typically these entail a withdrawable circuit breaker Primary switchgear or a fixed pattern ring main unit (RMU) switchgear at 33kV – 22kV -11kV in the MV section accommodating 1 x Incomer ad up to six (6) feeder panels. With capability to include MV GELPAG primary switchgear, the MV section is offered up to 40kA/4sec rated. A transformer of 1.0MVA – 4.0MVA can also be housed in this Kiosk type. The additional benefit for a project is that a Low Voltage Motor Centre (MCC) 415V can be of a size to allow up to a 4000A ACB Incomer with multiple tiers of process feeders, variable speed drives (VSD) , soft starters (SS), as well as light and power distribution boards, internal and external lighting, fire systems, air conditioning with Kiosk insulated walls and roof, on platform with stairs stumps and landings, bottom entry cable access, all which are delivered to site on a structural skid with 110% oil bunding and integrated lift points. Generally, this Kiosk type can deliver a 30% cost saving over a traditional transportable switchroom solution. An example of TYPE B Kiosks can be seen in the below four photos.


The POWINS Kiosk Substation is a customed designed assembly to meet the client and project requirements utilising a standard component design library. 

Starting with the baseframe, its key design aspects include a fixed width and lifting arrangement compatible with a standard shipping container, integrated cable ladder routing, integrated transformer bunding, structurally designed and certified, and manufactured to AS/NZS 1554.1:2014. Each baseframe is individually designed for the specified electrical equipment, cabling pathways, and installation conditions. Whilst the typical Kiosk Substation is designed for pad mounting, The flexibility of design accompanied with POWINS capabilities allows for integration into existing structures, or the design and construction of a raised platform arrangement.

Type B - Low Voltage Section & Insulation, Transformer Section