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Feeling the Pressure to Minimise Operational Risk while Maximising Productivity?

By assisting you to identify the risks and opportunities that are prevalent in your industry or application, NHP can facilitate the required services and solutions to maximise your operational investment in accordance with your priorities and objectives.

NHP Services and Solutions is backed by its Supply Line Partners, both locally and overseas, with genuine spare parts, technical support and training though to on-site service and repairs.

As the sole authorised distributor of Rockwell Automation in Australia and New Zealand, NHP’s and Rockwell Automation’s teams of service professionals are able to:

  • Prepare for the future of SMART Manufacturing through The Connected Enterprise, which delivers value by integrating your industrial assets with the rest of your supply chain;
  • Train workers and augment your workforce to manage knowledge transfer and develop new skills to enable IT/OT convergence, and take advantage of innovative technology;
  • Prepare for people and asset safety with assessments, engineered offerings, pre-engineered solutions, and a remote audit-and-tracking service to confirm that people follow proper procedures;
  • Go beyond a ‘keep-it-running’ mindset and make the most of your production infrastructure with asset and plant optimisation services; and
  • Tap new and expanding information infrastructure and security services to better define, design, deploy, manage and monitor the right network infrastructure for your plant.

NHP Service and Solutions Commitment 

NHP has an extensive service infrastructure including Repair Centres, Test Rooms, Field Service Technicians, Application Engineers, and Project Managers. With more than 50 years’ experience in the electrical and engineering industry, our specialist teams work collaboratively to design and deliver solutions to maximise the success of your project. 

NHP prides itself on its customer excellence. We are committed to look after our customers for the life of their project and beyond. Our team of service technicians hold tertiary and/or trade qualifications and regularly participate in Supply Line Partner training programs to ensure our services are executed in line with manufacturer specifications. Equipped with comprehensive product knowledge, our technicians are committed to delivering the best practice of electrical services, while providing an exceptional customer experience.

NHP Service Capabilities 

NHP offers an extensive range of service solutions to suit a wide range of needs, whether your need is for installation and commissioning, migration, emergency breakdown or lifecycle services. From start-ups to conversions, we have the technical expertise to help you increase uptime and optimise equipment performance. Available on an as-required, scheduled or full-time basis, we help you meet your specific needs throughout your maintenance strategy’s lifecycle. 

NHP and Rockwell Automation have a network of service professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand who can quickly respond to your needs.