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Industrial Electrix Celebrates 15 Years

After seeing a gap in the market for a LV/MV specific technical magazine to stand alongside our highly successful Transmission & Distribution magazine, Industrial Electrix was established in 2008. That was 15 years ago and how it has flown. Unfortunately Dad (Roland Gautier) who had this incredible vision back then is not here to help us celebrate this milestone today, but he would be beaming at this achievement.

Starting all those years ago with Sicame on the first cover of
Issue 1, they are a company that still sees the value in getting technical information out to the industry with us today. Industrial Electrix branched out over the years to include manufacturing, mining, rail and any industry that utilises LV/MV in its daily activities.  

We are still a small Australian based family run business to this day and continue to print our magazines with a local business in Brisbane. We greatly appreciate the support from our advertisers, article writers and most importantly our readers over the years who keep devouring the information and articles within our little magazine. To the team behind the cover, your hard work and efforts are amazing and very much appreciated not only by Nicole and myself, but by everyone who reads the magazine and comments on its look, feel and content.

As a team we look forward to continuing to supply you in the industry with the highest quality magazine, technical articles and being the number 1 go to for your solutions in this, a very complicated and ever changing industry.

Tyrone Gautier

Tyrone Gautier