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NEW Earthing Product Solutions

PLP (Preformed Line Products) Australia has supplied copper-clad and stainless steel earth rods, as well as earthing accessories, to electricity and telecommunication utilities, railway networks, airports, contractors, and distributors throughout Australia for more than 60 years.

Earthing maintains the proper function of an electrical system and provides protection for people and wildlife.

PLP has expanded our earthing product range for the Australian market by establishing multiple reliable supply chain partnerships from within Australia, Asia, and Europe.

PLP’s New Product Offering

Copper Bonded Earth Rod

The Copper Bonded Earth (CBE) rod provides an effective solution for domestic, commercial, and industrial earthing applications.

Manufactured from low carbon high tensile steel with pure copper plating at >250 microns, molecular bonded onto the steel rod. All CBE rods supplied by PLP are tested in accordance with IEC62561-2 : 2018.

The new range includes pointed and threaded bonded copper earth rods from 12.7mm to 19mm diameter and lengths up to 3 meters, and a range of couplers, points and driving heads.

Our accessory range includes earthing bonds for towers and structures.

Copper-Clad Steel Earthing Conductor

The Copper-Clad Steel (CCS) earthing conductor has the strength and toughness of steel, as well as the conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper.

Exothermic Welding

PLP supplies the Apliweld® Secure+ exothermic welding system that uses a unique tablet compound suitable for every type of welding. The tablet format eliminates the need for multiple powders required for different traditional welding applications.

The unique tablet format also eliminates all explosive and flammable materials, whilst the robust electronic ignition with remote Bluetooth activation offers the user the safest exothermic welding system on the market.

PLP has been manufacturing in Australia for more than 60 years

Due to increasing metal and freight prices, PLP has decided to increase our local manufacturing capability at our facility at Glendenning, NSW for the earthing product range.

PLP will manufacture both copper and stainless steel sheathed earth rods and supply the new bonded earth rod range.

Our long-term aim is to increase our Australian manufacturing capability, provide local manufacturing job security and reliable product supply.

For more information visit: www.plp.com/au

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