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PD Detection in Powerlines & Substations

Electricity providers have been looking for a troubleshooting device in power lines and substations that would be easy to use and would deliver clear results.

E.ON Sweden began using the NL Camera similarly to how technological products are often broken in: without reading the user manual. This was thanks to the camera’s ease of use. After the device’s introduction, the E.ON maintenance team was able to quickly find partial discharges in power lines, substation cable terminations, and 20 kV NAL disconnectors.

The Perfect Addition to Inspection Rounds

The combination of the simplicity of the camera and the clarity of results—seeing directly where and what type the fault is—gained praise from E.ON Sweden. The information the NL Camera and its accompanying NL Cloud software provided enabled users to judge the severity of faults.

“It is very easy to upload the pictures to the cloud, and you get easily understandable reports. With the NL Camera, you have better availability at your facility and can act before faults become severe,” comments Patrik Hansson, Maintenance Engineer at E.ON Sweden.

The camera delivered so well that E.ON Sweden views it as the ideal addition to their surveys and troubleshooting. The clear-cut results allowed users to take appropriate action to resolve their issues. The NL Camera detected partial discharge activity on power line cable terminations that were then washed. This solved the issue, as the camera indicated that the partial discharges had vanished.

The NL Camera picked up a partial discharge on a polymeric, insulated transformer bushing at E.ON Sweden’s facilities. The NL Cloud classified the discharge as ‘very high’ in severity and with good reason: a week later, the bushing broke down completely (see Image 2.).

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