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Seeing What Matters in a Brilliant Way with the New Machine-Oriented Operation and Monitoring Panels

The increasing volume of data in manufacturing and new possibilities for interaction between human and machine are leading to extensive changes in the field of industrial visualisation. Thanks to the new SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panels from Siemens, users are assured the capability to implement innovative operating concepts that make sense for their operations – both today and in the future.

The new generation of Siemens high-end HMI devices that range in size from 7 to 22 inches are part of the SIMATIC WinCC Unified system. Compared to the predecessor devices, the new generation offers numerous improvements with regard to performance, openness and ease of use. 

Thanks to the capacitive glass front with multitouch technology, the Unified Comfort Panels are as easy to operate as a smartphone or tablet. Vibrant colours and high contrasts improve the readability of the display and the user friendliness. 

The visualisation on the devices is based on SIMATIC WinCC Unified, the new visualisation system in the TIA Portal. It offers users many new possibilities and functionalities across all device sizes. 

The option to extend the functionality of the devices through apps is generally new in the SIMATIC HMI product portfolio. Up to now, HMI Panels were used exclusively for visualisation software. Thanks to the integration of Siemens Industrial Edge, users can now run other programs at the same time in addition to the standard device functionality. This makes for quick and easy implementation of project-specific requirements. 

Size doesn’t matter
* All six sizes of the Unified Comfort Panels offer the same number of hardware interfaces as well as the same functionality. All you have to do is choose the panel size. 

Easy to use thanks to multi-touch
* Smartphone operation is the benchmark: Thanks to multi-touch technology, controlling the Unified Comfort Panels is as simple as it is elegant, offering maximum convenience with high contrast and the best readability. 

Remote access via web client
* The maintenance-free web client enables flexible remote access to the visualisation, independent of local operation at the device. Access is via the web browser without additional software. 

Siemens Industrial Edge-enabled
* The new SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panels are Edge-enabled. This opens up completely new possibilities, such as functional expansion through apps, and the processing and analysis of data directly at the machine. 

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