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With over 75 years combined experience, Legend Corporation will merge Acculec and Legend Power into ACCULEC POWER from 1st July.

The combined strength of two well respected power companies allows the division to supply a wide range of Medium & High Voltage electrical connectivity design solutions to meet the diverse requirements of overhead and underground power transmission and distribution customers across Australian, New Zealand and Asia Pacific markets.

A leading supplier specialising in the manufacture and distribution of quality branded products, consumables, and services to the mining, resources, construction, infrastructure, rail, electrical power utilities and manufacturing sectors. 

Our extensive customer base includes tier-one principals in the utility, resources, construction and infrastructure sectors. 

Our long-term partnerships are a testament to our impeccable customer service, focus on quality and proven dependability.

Custom Designed Lugs & Links


Transmission Overhead
Overhead Line Hardware and Fittings
Insulators & Surge Arrestors

Substation Systems
Busbar & Fittings
Earthing Components
Covers & Specialist Equipment
Insulators & Surge Arrestors
DC Systems & Batteries

Distribution Overhead
Pole Line Hardware
Lugs & Links
Insulators & Surge Arrestors
Cable Accessories
Earthing Systems
Overhead Apparatus
Specialist Tools
Street Lighting ACC

Distribution Underground Systems
Earthing Components
Underground Switchgear
Reticulation Distribution
Cable Accessories
Premium Specialist Tools
Cable Management
Signage and Labelling

Safety (PPE)
Head, Face & Hearing Protection
Live Line Equipment
Rescue Kits
Insulating Rubber Mats 650V – 36KV
Insulating Gloves Class 00-3
Arc Flash Apparel

Asset Inspection Services
Power Quality Audits
NATA Laboratory
Design Service
Cable Jointing Product Training

Acculec Power