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Smart Technology Solutions for the Power Industry

Legend Power Systems is a leading supplier specialising in the manufacture and distribution of quality branded electrical products, accessories, and services to the mining and resources, construction, infrastructure, rail, electrical power utilities and manufacturing sectors throughout Australia for more than 40 years.

Our in-house NATA laboratories combined with Legend Engineering provides a foundation of confidence in calibration, testing, and inspection activities to ensure product compliance with Australian and New Zealand standards. Innovation is in our DNA, and new product development is key, ensuring Legend’s products are made to support the future of our energy system.  The unprecedented level of change in the network demands that we develop new products and intelligent technologies to ensure grid reliability under all electrical and environmental conditions.

Clients are served by our local business development specialists further supported by a national team of product specialists and a national network of warehouses that maintain deep stock levels of required products supported by local manufacturing facilities.

Our inhouse manufacturing using advanced CNC machines for specialty Aluminum & Copper Lugs and Links adds value to our customers, knowing they can order virtually any design or configuration and have the lug or link supplied within a short turnaround time. This service enables our customers to maintain their tight installation or repair schedule with full confidence of our local manufacturing.

Power Transmission and Distribution


Legend Power are a leading supplier of overhead line equipment, including Surge Arrestors, Insulators, Pole Hardware, connectors and fixtures, animal guards and accessories products to name a few categories. From parallel groove clamps used for tapping or joining overhead conductors, to tiger tails for the protection of power lines, we can supply a complete range of installation and maintenance products.

Catering for the unique needs of overhead line workers, we distribute MSS Power specialist tooling. This range of professional cutting and crimping tools are specifically designed for transmission construction and maintenance work.


Our underground cable hauling range includes Cable Rollers, Hauling Rope, Cable Stockings, Line Carriers, Earthing conductors, Pit Keys and Breakers, Manhole Equipment and more.

We supply a range of products for underground reticulation systems, including terminal blocks, connector systems, aluminium bars and more.We proudly distribute the Kulak range of pillars and accessories. We stock a full range of lids and bases, including an extra-large size that allows for increased workspace while still being interchangeable with standard lids and bases.

Legend Power Systems