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Substation Monitoring

Electric power utilities are susceptible to costly unplanned maintenance and rising costs. With aging infrastructure, electric utilities are having an increased risk of blackouts and brownouts. The effects of these blackouts and brownouts impact everything around us.

Critical substation failures can impact our modern world in many ways. Loss of electrical power events can shut down manufacturing plants, food and water supplies, banking and finance services, security systems, communication networks, air & land traffic control systems and more. Additionally, electric power utilities also face impact to their revenue, the enormous costs of getting services up and running again as well as negative publicity to their brand.

High voltage electrical installations tend to heat up before they fail. Costly breakdowns can be avoided by continuous temperature monitoring with fixed mount thermal imaging cameras.

Thermal imaging technology can improve the reliability and security of electrical substations. Although handheld thermal imaging cameras have been used to monitor substation equipment for years, many utility companies are now turning to permanently installed fixed mount thermal imaging cameras to guide their predictive and preventative maintenance programs. Using automated thermal imaging cameras paired with innovative software, early warning monitoring systems now can provide critical data before impending equipment failure.

Continuous Fixed Mount Monitoring vs. Handheld Thermal Imaging

Fixed mount cameras offer 24/7 monitoring to constantly gather and analyse data with software that identifies trends and anomalies and will always be in the right place at the right time, therefore eliminating the potential for workforce oversight. Fixed mount or pan/tilt drive cameras can survey large areas of a sub-station with crisp thermal images. In contrast, handheld spot checks are only as good as the operator and may miss significant equipment deterioration between inspections. Labour costs for handheld inspection can also be prohibitive to the need degree of monitoring.

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