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CHK Power Quality


Business Name – Trading As
CHK Power Quality Pty. Ltd.

Products and Services
CHK Power Quality designs and manufactures Class A Power Quality Analysers, Transformer Monitors and Loggers, Emergency Changeover Controls, Asset Condition Monitoring equipment and Load Loggers. We also provide power consulting services and customisable engineering solutions to meet customer requirements.

Company Message
CHK Power Quality is an Australian company that specialises in the design and manufacture of power quality analyser and loggers and asset condition monitoring solutions.
 We also provide power quality consulting services, including data collection, analysis, reporting and solution recommendations.
 Our focus is to provide engineering solutions for improving power quality and asset condition monitoring, subsequently enabling customers to reap the benefits of increased energy efficiency and optimised asset performance, planning and maintenance.
 We constantly engage with customers to evolve our products to address evolving technology and commercial expectations. Please visit our web site, or call us to see how our products and services can help you achieve your objectives.
 Our customers include electric utilities, railway operators and water authorities and industrial customers involved in renewable energy, mining, manufacturing, engineering, electrical contracting, energy audits and consulting.

Company Name: CHK Power Quality
Phone: 02 8283 6945
Fax: 02 8212 8105
Email: sales@chkpowerquality.com.au
Web: www.chkpowerquality.com.au

Unit 1, 3 Tollis Place, Seven Hills, NSW 2147, Sydney Australia

Name: Johnson Mariswamy
Phone: 0402 537 678
Fax: 02 8212 8105
Email: j.mariswamy@chkpowerquality.com.au