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EA Technology Australia

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EA Technology Australia

Company Name:  EA Technology Australia
Phone: +61 (0) 7 3256 0534
Email: au.sales@eatechnology.com
Web: https://www.eatechnology.com/australia/

EA Technology Australia, 381 MacArthur Avenue, Hamilton, QLD, 4007

Name: Neil Davies
Phone:  +61 447 751 292
Email: neil.davies@eatechnology.com

Products and Services
Specialists in asset management solutions for owners and operators of electrical assets. Solution provider for low/high voltage networks, partial discharge, cable management, electrical failure and condition-based risk management.

Company Message
EA Technology’s mission is to promote the development of resilient, accessible, low-cost energy networks globally, accelerating the transition to energy decarbonisation.

We are an independent specialist provider of end-to-end power engineering solutions for all owners and operators of electrical assets. EA Technology is committed to providing our customers with innovative products, services, consultancy and software which deliver tangible benefits for their businesses enabling them to create safer, stronger and smarter networks for today and the future.