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High Voltage Solution.com Ltd


Trading As:
High Voltage Solution.Com Ltd

Products and Services:
On-Line & Off-Line Partial Discharge condition monitoring specialists of 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV, 33kV, 66kV, 110kV, 132kV, 220kV, 450kV cables, switch board, GIS, terminations, transformers, rotating equipment assets. Forensic failure investigations.

IPEC UK has selected High Voltage Solution to represent all of its services in both New Zealand & Australia.

Company Message:

  • To Safely predict failures before they occur.
  • To provide confidence on the long term reliability of cables, joints, terminations, switchboards, transformers, motors and generators.
  • To provide information for a planned programme of maintenance and replacement
  • Savings must justify the costs
  • Testing must not reduce the life of the cable
  • Infra-red / Corona surveys

Company Name: High Voltage Solution.Com Ltd
Phone: 1300 80 60 23 / +64 274199952
Email: prhodes@highvoltagesolution.com
Web: www.highvoltagesolution.com

Main office: 24 Mannering Street Waverley Dunedin / South Island / New Zealand.

Name: Peter Rhodes
Phone: 1300 80 60 23 / +64 274199952
Email: prhodes@highvoltagesolution.com