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Pacific Test Equipment Pty Ltd


Business Name – Trading As:
Pacific Test Equipment Pty Ltd

Products and Services:
Pacific Test Equipment is the Australian & New Zealand distributor and service provider for many of the world’s most respected suppliers of instrumentation and test equipment including Sonel, DV-Power, AEMC/Chauvin Arnoux, Dranetz and Newtons4th.

Pacific Test Equipment supplies all your instrumentation needs from hand-held multimeters and clamp meters to insulation testers, ohmmeters, earth testers, power & power quality analysers, current clamps, thermometers, transformer test instruments, circuit breaker analysers and oil testers.

Company Message:
Pacific Test Equipment is a 100% Australian owned company. It is a major supplier of electrical instrumentation and test equipment to the electrical distribution industry, major electrical manufacturers, utilities, Defence, various Government instrumentalities and major contractors. Pacific Test Equipment supplies customers throughout Australia & New Zealand.

The headquarters, warehouse and state of the art calibration / service facilities are located in Sydney, with distributors in all other states and local office in New Zealand.

In addition to its representation of international products, Pacific Test Equipment has consistently worked with customers to produce specialised ‘purpose-built’ test equipment and develop test procedures to meet specific requirements.

Our professional staff are experts in power system and industrial measurements and can advise you of the best equipment for your requirements.

Company Name: Pacific Test Equipment Pty Ltd
Phone: +61 2 9659 2300
Email:  sales@pacifictest.com.au
Web: www.pacifictest.com.au

Or in New Zealand:
Phone: +64 2 195 3052
Email:  michael.daish@pacifictest.co.nz
Web: www.pacifictest.co.nz

27/5-7 Anella Avenue
Castle Hill NSW 2154