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Point Geodata

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Point Geodata

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Point Geodata specialise in LiDAR surveying services. We capture physical measurements of above ground assets and their surrounding environment, analysing and extracting detailed and accurate asset information.

Company Message
Point Geodata are surveying professionals specialising in high accuracy LiDAR and spatial data analysis. In consultation with clients, they provide cost effective and practical solution.

Point Geodata offer rapid and safe data capture of overhead power infrastructure. They produce highly detailed 3D digital representations of entire transmission and distribution networks and their surrounding environment and high-resolution imagery.

  • Single capture multi-use data
  • Vegetation management surveys
  • As built engineering surveys
  • Overhead network capture
  • Conductor clearance
  • Network mapping

Point Geodata’s reliable information allows clients to quantify multiple risks across their entire network. This enables smart decision making and the resolution of issues within appropriate timeframes.

Company Name: Point Geodata Ltd
Phone: +64 21 267 6157
Email: info@pointgeodata.co.nz
Web: www.pointgeodata.co.nz

Name: Iain Bramwell
Phone: +64 21 267 6157
Email: iain.bramwell@pointgeodata.co.nz

Point Geodata
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