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Australasian Power Technologies Publications Pty Ltd are pleased to present their suite of electrical magazines, each focused to a different sector of the electricity market, and a different reader. Published since 1996, Transmission & Distribution (T&D) is focused to the Electricity Supply Industry. Published since 2008, Industrial Electrix (IE) is focused specifically to the Industrial and Manufacturing sectors of the Electricity Industry. Energy Generation (EG) launched in July 2009 to focus on all aspects of electricity generation to include coal-fired, renewables and nuclear power. Industry personnel resident in Australia / New Zealand / PNG / Fiji are welcome to register for subscription to their preferred magazine/s (see Reader Registration link in menu). Subscriptions for other countries are also available here. All magazines are available in electronic eFlip mag format and Downloadable PDFs AT NO CHARGE. APT welcome assessment by advertisers to determine which magazine/s,

  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Industrial Electrix
  • Energy Generation

are most relevant to deliver your company Brand Vision/Corporate Objective.

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APT Publications understand and respect the intellect of marketing to a technically minded person.

And THAT, is our point of difference.

Click on the magazine cover of your choice to read the latest digital issue.

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