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The Next Step in Powerful Performance and Flexible Control

You’re smart, dependable and brimming with useful insights. Shouldn’t your variable frequency drive have those same traits? The Allen-Bradley® PowerFlex® 755T AC drives from Rockwell Automation do, and they are available from NHP! 

These drives have been developed to help you make the most of your assets and production time. They offer the benefits of harmonic mitigation and regeneration along with TotalFORCE® Technology for excellent motor control through precise, adaptive control of positioning, velocity and torque. 

PowerFlex 755TL drives provide harmonic mitigation and power factor correction through the use of active front end technology. 

PowerFlex 755TR drives provide an energy-efficient solution that uses regenerative active front end technology to deliver energy back to the incoming supply, as well as harmonic mitigation and power factor correction. 

TotalFORCE technology – your new competitive advantage

PowerFlex 755T drives offer innovative features that you haven’t seen from any other AC drives. The most significant is the introduction of TotalFORCE Technology to help your application achieve increased throughput, improved quality and reduced downtime. 

With excellent tracking, the drives follow speed or torque commands very closely. They also effectively reject disturbances when loads change suddenly to help keep the application running smoothly and help increase output. 

As a result of rapid processing speed, the drives are able to provide very precise position, velocity and torque control to help improve
the uniformity of end products. In addition, high torque accuracy helps maintain speed regulation in highly demanding tension control applications. 

PowerFlex 755T drives continuously monitor operation, tracking the health of electrical components in the drive and motor to provide real-time diagnostic information to your control system. With this information, it is possible to predict equipment failures and take action to prevent unplanned downtime. 

In addition, adaptive control features within the drives help isolate potentially harmful vibration and automatically compensate for variances to help keep your application up and running.