Earthing and Bonding for High Voltage and Low Voltage Systems

November 28, 2016 – November 29, 2016 all-day
Pullman Hotel
Brisbane City QLD 4000
Serena Pereira

Why You Should Attend

With more intelligence being packed into single chips, today’s networking equipment circuitry requires decreased voltage levels, making equipment much more susceptible to damage. When voltage specifications are exceeded, it could cause immediate damage to systems or degrading of the equipment over time which leads to undesirable outcomes involving loss of lives and millions of dollars due to downtime.

Earthing and Bonding for High Voltage and Low Voltage Systems presents a practical approach to proper earthing and bonding. The fundamentals of earthing and bonding HV and LV systems will be discussed in this two day workshop. The theory of the fundamental concepts will be delivered, which will be demonstrated through practical examples and case studies. Earthing principles for all parts of the electricity network will be addressed, in particular generation plant, substations, transmission lines, distribution networks, major loads and the Multiple Earth Neutral (MEN) system.

After gaining an understanding of earthing fundamentals, we look at the changes to the new AS2067 and what it means for Earthing and Bonding will be detailed along with discussion of earthing maintenance practices, design good practice, test techniques, and the interface between earthing and other infrastructure. Don’t miss out!
Key Topics

  • Functional requirements of earthing and bonding
  • Earthing design process
  • Changes to requirements associated with developments in substation installation earthing
  • Well planned maintenance programs
  • Gas and petrochemical industrial grounding

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Earthing and Bonding for High Voltage and Low Voltage Systems
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