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3n Consultancy Group Pty Ltd


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3n Consultancy Group Pty Ltd

Products and Services

Planning, Substation design, Transmission & Distribution design and construction, Communication & SCADA design, Lighting system design, Power plant security system, AutoCADTM and MicroStationTM Drafting Services, Construction & Construction Management, IoT Solution, Instrumentations, Expert opinions & consulting services, Project management.

Company Message

3n Consultancy Group is an engineering consultancy group with deep project experience in designing, constructing and commissioning sophisticated energy generation and general infrastructure assets around the world.

Based in Brisbane, the 3n Consultancy Group team can provide a complete, end-to-end service. With consistent, proactive and clear project reporting and a strength in ensuring time and cost levers are managed, our company works as a partner with yours.

We are committed to our core values and corporate mission. We provide not only total control on plant but also gives full visibility of customer’s required Key Performance

Indicators (KPI) in real time with total mobility.

We maximize client value by adopting the latest technologies and innovations, improving project efficiency by streamlining workflow and providing services of superior quality. ü We also save time by using global resources for technical expertise and leveraging time zone advantage.

3n believes creation of value in each level. Quality of our products and solutions with world class service create great value to our customers.

Company Name: 3n Consultancy Group Pty Ltd
Phone: +617 3341 6567
Email: info@3nconsultancygroup.com
Web: https://www.3nconsultancygroup.com/


Suite 1.1/3 Clunies Ross Court, Eight Mile Plains, QLD 4113, Australia

Name: Danny Alam
Phone: +61439538362
Email: Danny.Alam@3nconsultancygroup.com