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Dewar Electronics Pty Ltd

Business Name – Trading As:
Dewar Electronics Pty Ltd

Company Name: Dewar Electronics Pty Ltd        
Phone: +61 3 9725 3333
Email: sales@dewar.com.au
Web: www.dewar.com.au/

32 Taylors Road, Croydon, Victoria, 3136

Name: Delia Jones
Phone: +61 3 9725 3333
Email: delia@dewar.com.au

Products and Services
Design and manufacture of Teleprotection, test equipment and like products for other companies and service and repair team. Our expertise spans 50 years in the industry.

Dewar is a proudly owned and operated Australian industrial electronics manufacturer who have been in business since 1970. Dewar designs, manufactures and supplies enduring high-quality products for the electrical power distribution systems for HV and MV lines.

Expertise in Teleprotection and test equipment. Dewar is the only Australian manufacture of teleprotection equipment and is committed to keeping manufacturing in Australia.

Dewar’s vision is to be the pre-eminent partner that creates value for their customers.