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Powerlink Queensland


Business Name – Trading As:
Powerlink Queensland

Products and Services:
Consulting Services, Laboratory Services, SF6 Reclamation & Regeneration, Network Connections, Telecommunications, Asset Management, Construction & Project Management, HV Maintenance & Operations, Property Services and Sale of HV Equipment.

Company Message:
Powerlink is a leading Australian provider of electricity transmission network services, combining innovation with insight to deliver safe, cost effective and reliable solutions to achieve better outcomes for our customers. Operating a purpose-built laboratory and backed by more than 30 years’ experience in providing specialist oil, insulation and SF6 gas testing and diagnostic services, Powerlink’s laboratory services provides comprehensive transformer, reactor, gas and oil-filled plant monitoring and condition assessment services as well as regeneration of SF6 gas. Powerlink is also able to provide consulting expertise in a wide range of specialist areas, including engineering, asset design, and project and construction management.

Company Name: Powerlink Queensland
Phone: (07) 3860 2111
Email:  businessdevelopment@powerlink.com.au
Web: www.powerlink.com.au

33 Harold Street, Virginia, QLD 4014 Australia

Name: Tony Tuong Ngo
Phone: (07) 3860 2243
Email:  laboratoryrequests@powerlink.com.au