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Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solution launches in Australia

Huawei, as the global smart PV leader, launches FusionSolar Smart PV Solution which has been widely used in the world. According to the reports from worldwide authoritative consulting companies IHS and GTM Research, Huawei ranks global No.1 shipment in 2015.


Huawei was presenting at the 2016 All Energy Australia in Melbourne with FusionSolar Smart PV Solution, 4th-5th October. FusionSolar Smart PV Solution is claimed to be suitable for various scenarios including utility/commercial rooftop/residential PV plants, to help customers build smart PV plants that have continuous reliable operation of 25 years and offer higher energy yield, intelligent O&M with equal or lower initial investment.

The string inverters that showcase on the booth have multiple MPP (Maximum Power Point) trackers, whose high efficiency up to 99%. The detection accuracy can reach 0.5%, 6 times higher than traditional centralized inverters. Fully sealed design ensures IP65 protection, which makes Huawei inverter versatile for the entire hostile outdoor environment like high temperature, high altitude, extreme cold, sandy, salt and mist areas. Huawei removes quick wear parts like external fans with natural cooling technology and fuses, which enable 0-touch maintenance and guarantee human and property safety.


During the exhibition, the industry-leading 1500V solution, Smart IV Curve Diagnosis and intelligent O&M management bring a brilliant experience on smart PV plants. Especially the IV Curve Diagnosis can match an analyzed specific IV curve with an existing pattern to determine the causes of panel failures, based on the high precision string management and huge database build by Huawei.
Huawei is a company that continuously creates long-term value for customers by deeply understanding of their needs and requirements, focusing on customer challenges and pressures, providing superior products, innovative and competitive solutions as well as good services. Martin Ye, General Manager of Solar Inverter Asia Pacific Business, claimed that “We aim to lead the Australian solar market share in 2-3 years, become the inverter market leader, and intelligent PV enabler and promoter!”

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