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Reinforcements for Those Who Work in Building Assessment and Energy Consulting

Families and companies regularly rely on the recommendations of building inspectors and energy consultants to maintain or even increase the value of their property. A big responsibility, where every detail counts.

In addition to constant time pressures and insufficient tools, this task is made more difficult due to the fact that it often takes far too long to produce really good thermographic reports.

The image quality is what matters
The testo 883 thermal imager offers an infrared resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, which can even be expanded to 640 x 480 pixels with the built-in testo SuperResolution technology. A thermal sensitivity of < 40 mK ensures that the imager detects even the smallest temperature differences. And the manual focus guarantees users full control over the thermal image.

The quickest route to creating impressive thermography reports in building assessment and building energy consulting, simply having a good thermal imager is not enough. Powerful software is essential for analysing thermal images quickly, with ease and also for documenting them in a report. The free of charge and licence-free software testo IRSoft was developed precisely for this purpose. This enables thermal images to be examined comprehensively and documented in impressive professional reports.

Automatic contrast adjustment
A typical challenge in building thermography is that thermal images of the same object can look different depending on the indoor and outdoor temperatures. The testo ScaleAssist technology solves this problem by automatically adjusting the scale of the thermal imager to the optimum setting after entering the indoor and outdoor temperatures. This has two advantages: 

  • objectively comparable thermal images and
  • optimum contrast of any elements that are in the way or unimportant which are automatically faded out, misinterpretations are prevented and constructional defects displayed only if they really exist

To see is to understand
The humidity mode of testo 883 depicts the risk of mould at thermal weak spots in the thermal image itself using traffic light colours. The required indoor air temperature and indoor air humidity readings are wirelessly transmitted to the thermal imager from the optional testo 605i thermohygrometer. This enables users to offer their customers competent and high-precision detection of the risk of mould, prevents expensive damage to the building fabric and protects the health of the occupants. With the testo Thermography App, measurements can also be transmitted live to smartphones/tablets and property owners can relax in comfort as they look at what building inspectors and energy consultants are also seeing.

The testo 883 thermal imager is available now on its own or in the form of a kit with telephoto lens, additional battery and charging station, from Testo Authorised dealers and also directly from testo.com.au.